Advanced Scaffolder and Skills Testing

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Advanced Scaffolder and Skills Testing


CISRS Advanced Scaffolder and Skills Testing

CISRS advanced scaffolder and skills testing is 10 days program aimed at scaffolders who have already attained their CISRS card and also want to gain 12 months of practical experiencing in scaffolder operation since receiving their scaffolder cards. To become a CISRS Advanced Scaffolder, individuals must have completed the Basic and Part 2 scaffolding courses and have at least two years of experience in the CISRS scaffolding courses. They must also pass a rigorous assessment that tests their knowledge and skills in erecting and dismantling complex scaffolding structures.

The UK's CISRS courses facilities, which conduct annual audits to ensure they continue to fulfill CISRS training scheme requirements, are where courses are taught. Each stage of the process outlined above requires candidates to have successfully finished and passed the necessary course components.

After completing the training, an employee can apply for the CISRS Advanced Scaffolding Trainingwhich is good for five years before expiration. A CISRS 2-Day CPD/Refresher Course must be successfully completed in order to renew the card and maintain the qualification.

How To Get CISRS Advanced Scaffolder Course?

For getting CISRS Advanced Scaffolding Training course, you must meet certain requirements and complete the necessary assessment which are mention below :


The lifespan of CISRS BASE Cards is five years. To renew their card, operators must pass the CITB HS&E Test and a 2-day SSPTS course in the same system scaffold product (or receive a recognized exemption).

To renew your CISRS Advanced Scaffolder and Skills Testing card, complete relevant refresher training and pass required assessments, including a two-day refresher course and skills assessment for Advanced Scaffolder cardholders, and a one-day course and skills assessment for Skills Testing cardholders.

A CISRS Advanced Scaffolding Training card is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended for scaffolders who want to work on more complex scaffolding structures and advance their career in the industry.

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